Power Your Future with Sundan: Reliable Solar Cables for Optimal Energy Transmission.

Sundan Technologies offers high-quality solar cables designed for efficient and reliable energy transmission in photovoltaic systems. These cables are UV-resistant, weatherproof, and designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. They ensure optimal performance and safety in solar power installations.


      SUNDAN TECHNOLOGIES PV Solar cables are designed for connecting photovoltaic power supply systems. They are dedicated to the photovoltaic system direct current (D.C.) side with a nominal D.C. voltage of a 1.5kV. These cables can be used indoor & outdoor for flexible and fixed installations with high mechanical strength in extreme weather conditions. cables are designed to withstand the demanding environmental conditions that arise in any fixed, mobile, roof or architecturally integrated photovoltaic installation.

DC Cable & Wire
Solar DC Cable & Wire


      These cables are suitable for permanent outdoor long-term use, under variable and harsh climate conditions. They are designed and tested to operate at a normal maximum conductor temperature of 90°C and for 20,000 hours up to 120°C. Therefore, the expected period use is 30 years under normal usage conditions.


      International : 2 Pfg 1169/08.2007 OR EN 50618

WHY Sundan’s Solar Cables

      Sundan Solar cables provides the maximum efficiency and guarantee energy transmission throughout the useful life of your installation.

  • Design
  • Electrical Properties
  • Thermal Characteristics
  • Chemical Characteristics
  • Mechanical Characteristics
  • Product & Ratings
  • Conductor – Flexible Electrolytic Tinned fine copper strands, acc. To IEC 60228, class 5
  • Insulation – Crosslinked Halogen Free & Flame Retardant Insulation , Colour : White , Red Or Black
  • Outer Sheath – Crosslinked Halogen Free & Flame Retardant UV and ozone resistant Sheath in Black Or Black with Red Stri