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Sundan Technologies's Valve Accessories include the APL Valve Position Monitor, LPZ11 and LPZ12 Solenoid Valves, LS10 Limit Switch Box, and PS10 Valve Proximity Switch. These accessories are designed for automatic control with features like SPDT, DPDT Switch, 4~20mA output, NAMUR standard, explosion-proof certifications (Ex d IIB T6), and tool-free operation for adjusting contact angles. They ensure enhanced functionality and safety for valve operations in various industrial settings.

The APL Valve Position Monitor provides precise monitoring of valve positions in industrial systems. With its advanced technology and reliable performance, it ensures accurate feedback on valve statuses, enhancing operational efficiency and safety. Its compact design and easy installation make it an ideal choice for diverse valve control applications.

The LPZ11 Solenoid Valve offers reliable fluid control in industrial applications. With its robust design and efficient performance, it ensures precise regulation of fluid flow. Featuring compatibility with various media and environments, it provides versatility and durability, making it an ideal choice for diverse valve control needs in demanding settings.

The LPZ12 Explosion Proof Solenoid Valve provides reliable control in hazardous environments. With robust construction and compliance with safety standards, it ensures secure operation in potentially explosive atmospheres. Its compact design and efficient performance make it ideal for critical applications where safety and reliability are paramount.

The LS10 Limit Switch Box offers precise monitoring and control for valve positions in industrial settings. With its durable construction and versatile mounting options, it ensures reliable operation in harsh environments. Featuring easy installation and compatibility with various actuators, it enhances system efficiency and safety with accurate position feedback.

The PS10 Valve Proximity Switch provides accurate monitoring of valve positions in industrial applications. With its durable construction and reliable performance, it ensures precise feedback for enhanced system control. Easy to install and compatible with various valves, it enhances operational efficiency and safety, making it ideal for diverse industrial environments.

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  1. Automatic control accessories
  2. SPDT, DPDT Switch
  3. 4~20mA output
  4. NAMUR Stand
  5. Explosion Proof: Ex d IIB T6
  6. Without any tools for debugging operating contact angle
  7. With anti loose bolt cap will not fall off the bolt when it's opened