Connecting Your World with Superior Communication Cables: Sundan Technologies.

Sundan Technologies provides a variety of high-performance communication cables, including CCTV, telephone, CAT 6 UTP, and coaxial cables. These cables are designed for reliable data transmission, featuring enhanced durability and resistance to electromagnetic interference, making them ideal for networking, telecommunication, and video applications.


      Communications cable is essentially a cable used to transmit information by use of currents of various frequencies. In the basket of communication cables we offer; CCTV, Telephone Cables, CAT 6 UTP Cables, and Co-Axial Cables. These cables are typically used for data transmission, Ethernet connections, electronic circuits and networking.

Features & Benefits

CCTV Cables

      This CCTV 4+1 construction cable is of hybrid type with combination of Communication and Electrical
conductors. The 4 power cores enable powering of the CCTV camera. This cable used for combination of communication and electrical supply to CCTV Cameras & due to its composite component nature it allows CCTV installations tidy & provides lossless out . The communication cable (RG 59 Co-Axial Cable) is used for recording the images by the camera and to communicate with the data center. Co-axial cables are designed to transmit the complete video frequency range with minimum distortion or attenuation, making them an excellent choice for CCTV. The 4 number of wires in this CCTV cables are used for powering the cameras.

Telephone (Switch Board Cables)

      Sundan Telephone cables are recommended for use in internal telephone wiring in high-rise buildings, offices, factories, hotels, residential complexes, etc. Sundan twisted pair cables are best suited for telephone cabling applications. The conductor is made of solid annealed, electrolytic grade high conductivity bare copper. The conductor is insulated with special grade high – density polyethylene with colour coding. The insulated cores are twisted with uniform lay to form pairs and are bunched together in such a manner so as to minimize cross talk. The cable is jacketed with a grey colour specially formulated Fire Retardant (FR) PVC with high oxygen and temperature index.


      Cables : Sundan CAT 6 UTP cables meet the requirements of ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 having enhanced performance for transmission of high speed data signals on LANs. It also supports Gigabit Ethernet (1000 baseT) standard.

      Benefits: Improved Crosstalk Performance: Central spline separates pairs and maintains stable pair position. Optimized Cable Balance: Improves balance of transmission performance for simultaneous parallel transmission protocols.

Co-Axial Cables

      Sundan’s co-axial cables, RG59, RG6 & RG11 are used in the transmission of RF signals and power for voice, data and video applications. The double-shield coaxial cable protects signals from external electromagnetic interference & solid electrolytic grade 99.97% pure copper conductor offers superior electrical performance meeting all requirements of CATV, DTH, Broadband,Digital & Analog signal applications.

      Our co-axial cables are Special Digitally designed for transmission of high frequency signals with minimum loss for DTH, Institute and Digital Headend etc.The various configurations of our cables are solid copper center conductor and also available in Copper Clad Steel (CCS), Polyethylene Foam PE, Aluminium laminated tape to provide 100% coverage, Aluminium alloy wire braids to give additional mechanical strength, Flooding Compound jelly to provide internal corrosion & water resistance properties and PVC cover to give environmentally secured safe seal to the construction. Our cables tested on 3.0 Ghz spectrum analyser.