Sanitary Valves

LPC11 Sanitary Ball Valve

Design Feature

  1. Pore size consistent with the pipeline, no precipitate
  2. Flow channel wall 240Grit polishing, to ensure smooth flow channel
  3. PTFE seal with full package, not dead, easy to clean
  4. Double stem packing with shrapnel on the pressure plate type device

ActuatorElectric, Pneumatic, Handwheel, Handle
ControlOn-off, Modulating, Inteligent
TemperatureWorking Temperature: -20?~150°C Sterilization Temperature: 150°C(Max 20Min)
ConnectionClamp, Weld
Structure3-piece Type, 3-way L Type, 3-way T Type
Metal materialContact Product Part: 304/316L(14307/1.4404) Forged No-contact Product Part: 304/316L(1.4301) Provide EN 10204.3.1B certificate
Sealing MaterialStandard: PTFE All Seal material coply with FDA 177.2600
Surface TreatmentInternal Surface: R<=0.8um External Surface: R<=1.6um
MediumFood, Beverages, Cosmetic, Wine, etc
OptionLimit Switch, Positioner, Solenoid Valve, Pressure-relief Valve